Something new under the sun.

Coming in 2018

SolPad Home is coming soon and it will mark another revolutionary wave of solar power. SolPad Home is the permanent solution to your energy needs: it collects an incredible amount of power, stores it within built-in batteries, and integrates seamlessly into your home without any rewiring needed. And it effortlessly unites with all SolPad Mobile and SolControl devices already in your home.

It’s a scalable system that’s intuitive to install, beautifully elegant, easy to expand, and simple to use. It costs 50% less than traditional solar plus storage rooftop installations. It arrives in 2018.

Our Connect™ wireless interconnect system makes installing multiple SolPads a snap.

SolPad Home specifications


Width 41” (1040mm)
Length 61” (1550mm)
Depth 1.75” (44mm)


  • 41lbs (18.6kg)